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Bee Caps

Nature Cure Bee Caps are a blend of the four bee foods from the bee hive in just one caplet!
* Royal Jelly is a natural rejuvenator
* Propolis is nature's most potent antibiotic
* Raw Honey is an instant energy builder 
* Pollen is often called nature's perfect food

It was initially believed that only the elderly and convalescents would purchase our product, but unsolicited letters indicate that people of all ages and all walks of life purchase and benefit from Nature Cure Bee Caps. Anyone who needs extra bit of energy or the feeling of well being that comes from an improved diet can benefit from this fine food supplement. Nature Cure Bee Caps can give you that added assurance
of a healthy, more complete diet.

Everyone is different, but generally taking two caplets at
breakfast and two at supper works best for most people.
take four caplets per day - heavier people may want more;
lighter people can use less and still get the full benefits.
Experiment until you determine what's best for you. If you find
that your supper time Nature Cure Bee Caps give you to much
energy and keep you awake at bedtime, eat them during lunch
instead of supper. Again, experimenting is the key!   

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