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Premium Ingredients Make Premium Products

Wellness at the Forefront

We believe that wellness can be sustained naturally and have a variety of products to help you fit it into your lifestyle.

All Natural Ingredients

All of our products are made with natural ingredients that enhance the natural effects of CBD.

Handmade in the USA

We believe that the best products come from our home. We support local businesses in every aspect of our manufacturing process.

Triple Tested

We use and test our products thoroughly. All of our products are safe and effective.

No High

CBD delivers all the wellness benefits of Cannabis, without the high. Our products contain 0% THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid.


I have a 4lb yorkie, who is 1. afraid of everything and 2. has joint pain 3. has yorkie teeth/bad breath and just had extensive dental work done. we've had to play around a bit to find a dose strong enough to help with everything but not be tooo much. Its been amazing for him, hes bouncing around and playing once again like hes a puppy. I'm sooo grateful for this product, I KNOW he is too.

Rebecca S.

I purchased the Relaxing Bee Honey for my husband who is 71, and is starting to feel the effects of the coming cold weather on his joints. He absolutely LOVES it! The flavor is amazing (which means he won’t forget to take it, lol)and says he is definitely feeling the difference! 

Alejandro Quinteros

I heard about these products on The Dilley Show. I’ve been using the honey since February 2020 & it’s absolutely delicious! I’ve noticed a big difference in my joints & also use the roll-on bar for pain. Thanks for making such great products!

Lana H.